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10958.jpg (26432 bytes)ALDRIN, EDWIN E.. "Buzz". 2nd man on moon. Rare vintage signature  on 3 x 5 card:  "Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.". He later legally changed his name to Buzz and has not signed with his rare early signature in many years.......[10958]....$95.00


10273.jpg (45546 bytes)SECOND MAN ON THE MOON

ALDRIN, BUZZ. Astronaut. Apollo XI. 2nd man to walk on the moon. 4to color 3/4 length official NASA ISP showing him in space suit and holding his helmet. A large color photo of the moon is shown in the background..Fine. [10273]...$750.00


12147_sig.jpg (73763 bytes)12147.jpg (268163 bytes)(ASTRONAUTS) ALDRIN, BUZZ. Apollo 11 Astronaut. 2nd man to walk on the moon. His book: The Return, a novel of the human adventure, Co-authored by John Barnes. 8vo, 301 pp., 1st ed., d.j., boldly signed on half-title page by Aldrin. A tale of our highest aspirations - and of idealism regained. A novel, not of our distant future in space, but of the issues and crises that confront our space efforts today. A story of the very highest adventure. The Return is a story of outsized characters, global crises and big, daring ideas and as told by Buzz Aldrin it carries the ring of truth. He’s been there. He’s done that. And he has already helped change the world. Fine...[12147].+...$195.00  


10964.jpg (30150 bytes)ALLEN, JOSEPH P. Columbia 5 (STS-5); Discovery 2 (STS-14). First man to hold a 1200 lb satellite overhead for one trip around the world (90 min.)......Signature on 3 x 5 card...........[10964]......$18.50



(ASTRONAUTS) (APOLLO 7) WALTER M. SCHIRRA, JR. Astronaut. Flew on Mercury 8, Gemini 6 and Apollo 7. DONN F. EISELE (1930-1987). Astronaut. Flew on Apollo 7. WALTER CUNNINGHAM. Astronaut. Flew on Apollo 7, the first Manned Apollo flight and the first live T.V. transmissions from orbit. Special Apollo 7 display piece, 19.75” x 15.5”, given selectively by the astronauts to special friends and dignitaries. The piece is a collage with four 7” x 7” color photos of the blast off, the space module from space and two shots of the moon, plus three 3” x 3” color photos of Schirra, Eisele and Cunningham made aboard the space craft. Each has boldly signed below his photo. Below Cunningham’s photo he 11953.jpg (181791 bytes) has written “To Bobby*, we didn't get much of a workout in zero Gs but man what a view”. Handsomely and archivally matted and framed in a 1” navy and gold wood frame, overall size 27.75” x 23.75” (*Bobby Brown from whose estate this piece came was the famous coach of the Houston Astros and also owned “Bobby Brown’s Athletic Club” in Houston, Texas, a watering hole of the rich and famous, particularly big name athletes. Cunningham was a friend of Browns and a member of his club.) A magnificent space display piece......[11953]...$995.00  



He Pressed the Button That Dropped the Bomb Over Nagasaki 
Which Ended WW II


ASHWORTH, FREDERICK L.   WW II Aviator who was the “Weaponeer” on “Bock’s Car”. Ashworth pressed the button which released the bomb to fall on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, following the first bomb dropped on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. The Japanese surrendered almost immediately after the 2nd bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. 20” x 16” aerial view photograph of Nagasaki after the bomb 11543.jpg (108088 bytes) was dropped. Photo signed in a light portion: “Frederick L. Ashworth, Commander, U.S. Navy, “Weaponeer”, Bock’s Car, Nagasaki, 9 August 1945 (later signed). Historically significant. A museum quality piece. A gem...[11543]....$995.00



10968.jpg (10995 bytes)BLAHA, JOHN E. Challenger 7; Spacelab 2(STS-17). Signature on 3 x 5 card...............................................................[10968].......$18.50

(GEMINI 7/6) BORMAN, FRANK. Astronaut. Crew member of Apollo 8. 4to color photo of the space 10248.jpg (107827 bytes) craft in space matted and framed. Inscribed and signed on the mat to the famous Houston Rockets coach "Bobby Brown, with many thanks & best regards, Frank Borman". Printed on mat is: "Gemini 7/6, December 4-18, 1965." Inscription and signature a shade light but entirely legible. Overall size 16" x 12". Framed in orig. 1.5" black wood frame.....[10248]......$195.00 



10272.jpg (94684 bytes)(APOLLO 8) BORMAN, FRANK. Astronaut. 13.5" x 10.5" color photo of the earth from the moon, inscribed on the mat "To Bobby Brown (the famous Houston Rocket's coach), with cordial admiration, Frank Borman, Apollo 8". Inscription is in brown felt tip. Overall size: 21" x 17". Items of this type were selectively given by astronauts to persons of influence and importance, e.g., U.S. Senators, and are seldom offered....[10272].. ...$395.00  



(WW II) (AIR ACES) BOYINGTON, GREGORY “PAPPY (1912-1988). Aviator, Air Ace. Won Congressional Medal of Honor in WW II when, as a Marine pilot, he shot down 28 Japanese aircraft. In 1943-44 Boyington led the Marine Fighting Squadron 214 in the Solomon Islands, known as the “Black Sheep Squadron” which was portrayed in the 11954.jpg (76243 bytes) popular T.V series “Ba Ba Black Sheep”. His personalized bank check, drawn on his personal account, and entirely completed by him, Dec. 28, 1981 in sum of $35.20 to the Fresno County Waterworks. Interestingly, his personal check has a W.W. II fighter plane super-imposed on the pale blue bank-check. (This may be an actual photo of Boyington in his famous plane, but we cannot verify this; however, it is the same type plane he flew.) A great item. ....[11954-10]..+...$150.00

10969.jpg (14525 bytes)BULL, JOHN S. Astronaut...... Signature on 3 x 5 card.....[10969].. ........................................................................................................$18.50



BYRD, RICHARD E. Vintage 4to half bust SP boldly signed in light portion (“R.E. Byrd”) circa 1925. Shown in Naval uniform. Highly desirable and uncommon in this format. Minor tear, expertly repaired, contrast good else fine.... [6792].+....$395.00


CHAPMAN, PHILIP K. Astronaut. Resigned July 6, 1968. Signature  on 3 x 5 card. ......................................................[10974].........$35.00

CHRETIEN, GEN. JEAN-LOUP.   French astronaut. TLS, Centre National d’etudes Spatiales, Paris, Oct., 1990. In part "...It is likely that men may be able to fly to Mars within the next 25 years if this project is an international one..."…[7752]  + $ 35.00


DECEASED MOON WALKER12316.jpg (322189 bytes)

(ASTRONAUTS) CONRAD, CHARLES, JR. (1930-1999). Third man to walk on the moon. Conrad was one of the nine astronauts selected by NASA in 1962. Killed in motorcycle accident. Official NASA 4to 3/4 length photo in space suit shown standing beside a space capsule. Boldly signed. Fine. [12316] $195.00


CORRIGAN, DOUGLAS. (1907-1995). Known as "Wrong Way". Best known for his 6642.jpg (27152 bytes) now immortal wrong-way flight to Ireland. ALS, 8vo, August 19, (19)39. In full: "Dear Mrs. Levenson: Thanks for the letter and clippings which you thoughtfully sent./ We were up to N.Y. for several days but hardly had time to see the papers. Best wishes, Douglas Corrigan." The letter refers to clippings about his famous flight. Rare in A.Ls.S., particularly of vintage date, this being the first such example to cross our desk. Fine........[6642].......$295.00


3251.jpg (51388 bytes)CORRIGAN, DOUGLAS "WRONGWAY". Aviator best known for his now immortal "Wrong Way" trip to Ireland. 4to printed copy of a July 19, 1938 N.Y. newspaper clipping about his "wrong way" flight, showing his picture beside his plane with the headline "Flier Lands In Ireland After Hop From N.Y." Inscribed & signed on lower white border.. ..................................................[3251]..........$150.00


10971.jpg (10499 bytes)COVEY, RICHARD. Discovery 6; STS-20. Signature on 3 x 5 card. ........................................................................................[10971]....$18.50


10970.jpg (14744 bytes)MICHEL, F. CURTIS.   Astronaut.   Signature on 3 x 5 card .............................................................................[10970]......$18.50

4715.jpg (229993 bytes)DOOLITTLE, GENERAL JIMMY.  Aviation great.  Handsome 4to color ISP showing Doolittle in uniform....[4715-2]...**....$125.00




(AVIATION) EARHART, AMELIA (1897-1937). Am. Aviatrix. First woman to cross Atlantic Ocean in an airplane. Lost on her around-the-world flight with Fred Noonan. Disappeared on July 2, 1937. In July 1936 Earhart took delivery of the Lockheed 10EL Electra and started planning her around-the-world flight. Earhart’s first attempt to embark on her trip was St. Patrick’s Day, 1937 when she and Noonan flew to Honolulu where the plane experienced technical difficulties, was heavily damaged and had to be shipped back by sea to the Lockheed plant in Burbank, California. Earhart returned to California toward the end of March. While the Electra was being repaired, Earhart and Noonan secured additional funds and started preparing for a second attempt, which began with an unpublicized flight from Oakland, California to Miami, Florida where Earhart announced her plans to fly around the world, but in the opposite direction, flying west to east, due to a change in weather patterns. Earhart and Noonan left on their second attempt to circumnavigate the globe on June 1, 1937 and, after numerous stops and covering 22,000 miles, they arrived in New Guinea on June 29, 1937. She disappeared on July 2, 1937 en route to Howland Island in the Pacific. The following address cover was written during the brief time Earhart was back in California between her 1st and 2nd around the world flight attempts and of course, she was lost on the second flight. Address cover, 7” x 4.5”, entirely written in her hand, addressed “To Mr. C.H. Berkson/ 235 W. 4th St./ Los Angeles, Cal.” In upper left corner she has written her name and return address: “From/ Mrs. G.P. Putnam/ 10042 Valley Sp. Lane, No. Hollywood, Cal.: She has also written “Registered” in the lower blank portion. Also has a red $.20 Golden Gate Bridge commemorative stamp and a green $.01 Franklin stamp. Cancelled with red circular postmark “Los Angeles, Calif./ Hollywood Sta./ Registered/ April 12, 1937”. Additionally stamped with red “Registered No. 233485”. In 1931 Earhart married publisher George Palmer Putnam, although she continued 11945.jpg (17917 bytes) using her maiden name. This is the only Earhart piece we have ever seen where she used her married name. It is an extremely rare aviation item because of the brief time period between her 1st and 2nd around the world trips during which it was written as well as containing the rarest form of her signature and being one of her last letters. Nice darkly penned example and a great aviation piece......[11945].....$1500.00


10835.jpg (245501 bytes)GARN, JAKE. U.S. Senator from Utah. Flew on Space Shuttle, becoming first member of congress to become an astronaut (but not vice versa!). 4to color SP of him in his space suit, with U.S. flag in back-ground. Standing next to a model of the space shuttle. [10835] ..................................................$25.00

1244.jpg (94250 bytes)PIONEER AVIATRIX

HARRISON, HELEN. Pioneer aviatrix. TLS, 4to, Toronto, Feb. 27, 1941, “Air Transport & Training Co.,” letterhead. Letter sending her autograph. Early aviation figure and one of the first women in aviation... .[1244].. ......................$125.00

10946.jpg (75655 bytes)
IRWIN, JAMES B. "JIM". Astronaut. Moonwalker: Apollo XV. Philatelic cover with blue & gray "Space Shuttle" logo, postmarked "Kennedy Space Center, April 12, 1981", addressed by Irwin to his Brother and Sister-in-law and signed by him beside the logo....[10946]**.......$195.00


(APOLLO XV) IRWIN, JAMES. Astronaut and moonwalker. Seventh man to walk on the moon.   12352.jpg (544520 bytes)Bank check written on the account of "Elsa M. Irwin or Charles A. Irwin"  on which he obviously had check writing privileges.  This one is dated May 8, 1991, exactly three months to the day before his death from his fatal heart attack. [12352] ..$295.00 


11996.jpg (23567 bytes)(APOLLO XV) IRWIN, JAMES. Astronaut and moonwalker. Seventh man to walk on the moon. Hallmark Birthday card given to his brother, Charles (Chuck) Irwin by James Irwin, 5.75” x8.5”, front cover imprinted: “A Special Birthday Message / What Is a/ Brother?” and shows stalks of wheat. Sentimental verse inside, beneath which Irwin has written “Your Brother, Jim I appreciate you very much” On address portion of envelope he has written “I found this in Yakima”. Provenance: We purchased this item directly from Charles Irwin. Most unusual personal item of the late astronaut and moonwalker. [11996]..$95.00



(IRWIN, JIM) (APOLLO XV) Astronaut and moonwalker. Deceased. Special silver metal “Cross Century” ball point pen, 5.25” engraved on the side, near the top: “Jim irwin - Apollo XV/ 7/27 - 8/7, 11997.jpg (23861 bytes) 1971”. Atop the clip is a tiny (1/4” x 1/4”) metal insignia of the Apollo XV Space capsule. Comes in original presentation box. Although the pen is in mint condition it shows some use by Irwin. The pen still writes. A unique piece of space memorabilia owned by a moonwalker...[11997]...$595.00

10975.jpg (15939 bytes)KERWIN, JOSEPH P. Astronaut. First physician in space. Skylab 1. Signature on 3 x 5 card....................................[10975]..............$25.00



(AVIATION) KIRKLAND, ROY C. Pioneer Army Aviator. He came up the path of aviation with every change “flying angle.” He did much flying with lt. H.H. (Hap) Arnold - (became a commander of Am. Air Corps and later, the A.A.F. in WW II). They flew together at College Park, Maryland in 1911. Their experimenting for the army was done in a Wright airplane. In 1913 the Army prided itself on the formation of its first “Aero Squadron” which consisted of not more than 12 or 14 airplanes. The base of this embryonic Am. Air Corps. was located in Texas City, Texas. The planes used were mostly Wrights; the pilots of this first “air fleet” who survived its early activities all won fame.



(AVIATION) Collection of over 20 letters concerning early aviation, the development of the “autogiro” “airmail routes”, “Air Shows”, etc. (1) TLS, Jan 2, 1933, Headquarters Second Corps Area Office of The Air Officer, Governors Island, New York City, to Pitcairn Aircraft Co., Philia., signed by Roy C. Kirkland, Col, Air Corps, Air Officer, in part: “...I have been making a study on the use of autogiros for the purpose of transporting mail and passengers from outlying municipal airdomes to suitable landing places located within the confines of the several municipalities...” (2) TLS from Kirkland (see above), Jan. 11, 1933 mentioning that he had been a pilot since 1911 & ... “My personal interest in this subject arises from the general effort to secure Governors Island as the site for a municipal airdome for the City of New York... to my mind, an aerial shuttle service offers the best and cheapest solution....” (3). TLS from Kirkland to Pitcairn, Jan 12, 1934, in part...” In case you were given an order for approximately 20 two-passenger autogiros, what would be your probable delivery time thereon? Comes with interesting article about Kirkland which contains photos of the first U.S. Air Squadron and also shows U.S. Airplane No. 2, a Wright Bi-plane, being flown by Kirkland and Hap Arnold in 1911. (4). TLS, 4to, 2pp., May 23, 1936, letterhead of “Pitcairn Autogiro” (with a photo on the letterhead of an early helicopter), signed by A.E. Zeiske. Regards a $1000. prize for a gasoline powered autogiro model. (5). Lindbergh content Early Aviation Letter, TLS, 4to, Feb. 11, 1929, Brownsville, Texas Chamber of Commerce, signed by Burt E. Hinkley, Jr., Chm., Invitation Comm. to Pitcairn Aircraft, Inc., concerning the inauguration of International Airmail and the dedication of Brownsville’s magnificent new International Airport. “...In addition to Col. Lindbergh, who will pilot the first International Air Mail plane, there will be many high officials of both the U.S. and Mex. governments in attendance... there will be a large number of Mexican Government officials who are interested in aviation at the meet; it might be of benefit to your company to have one or two types of planes you now have under production for exhibition purposes at the field...” (6). There is a second letter form the Brownsville Chamber regarding the Airport dedication as well as an announcement and a pamphlet about the new airport. (7). Letter from the City of Lubbock, Texas to Pitcairn inviting them to a 3 day air show July 1-3, 1932 with a pamphlet about the Lubbock Municipal Airport. (8). Letter from Texas Air Transport, Inc. of Ft. Worth, Texas, 2pp., dated March 27, 1928, signed by Tom Hardin, Operations Mgr. to G.S. Childs of Pitcairn Aviation regarding “the installation of gas tanks in the upper and lower wings of our PA5’s. Technical, detailed 2 pp. letter. (9). Letter from Southern Aeormotor Serv., Inc. Love Field, Dallas, Texas, 10/14/29 to Pitcarirn, requesting a catalog with prices of parts, etc. Signed by L.D. Lovett, asst. Supt. (10). Letter from Texas Aeromotor Serv., Inc. to Pitcairn Aircraft regarding a lost order for “one Propeller Spinner complete less hub flanges for Pitcairn PA-5...” (11). Letter from Southwest Aviation, Aug. 13, 1935, to Harold F. Pitcairn, Autogiro Co., of America, regarding a subscription . (12). TLS, 4to, Nov. 12, 1930, on green and gold embossed letterhead of “Third Attack Group Air Corps”, Ft. Crockett, Galveston, Texas. From 2nd Lt. Karl H. Kalbever to James G. Ray, Chief Pilot of Pitcairn Aircraft, applying for a job saying “I am interested in the development of the Autogiro, because it presents a possible, and at the present the most probable solution to the problem of making the air safe for the layman...” (13). TLS, 4to, from James C. Davis on letterhead of “Jim Davis Flying Service Inc., Houston, Tx. March 30, 1933, to Robert E. Lees, Sales Mgr. of Pitcairn Aeronautical Corps, regarding the purchase of a “160 H.P. giro”, some “dope on your ships” and “would like for you to tell me how money can be made operating giros. I was impressed with Mr. Yancey’s sign which he flew around Houston for about a week...What do you think of sales possibilities of the autogiros in the future? Will their pay load be increased, also their cruising range and speed?....” (14). Letter from Raymond Pearson, the Ford dealer from Houston, Tx., to Pitcairn Aircraft, June 4, 1931, advising him that Jim Davis, of this city, is “flying my ship to Willow Grove in the morning and I would appreciate your giving it a thorough check and make repairs and replacements you deem necessary....the ship has only 150 hours, with very little stunt flying...I have thought of installing landing lights, and probably (a) Heywood starter on my ship.... A fascinating early aviation lot. Warrants further research. .........[11457]........$795.00


(AVIATION) NEIL ARMSTRONG, BUZZ ALDRIN, GERALD R. FORD, HANK BEAIRD, CLAY LACY & MOYA OLSEN LEAR. Lear’s book: Bill & Moya Lear: An Unforgettable Flight, 8vo, 259 pp., privately printed, 1st ed., 1996. Cover is blue and gold marbled boards with 1/4 leather binding. A presentation copy. Signed on the half title page by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Gerald R. Ford, Hank Beaird (test pilot) and Clay Lacy (test pilot); also signed by Myra Olsen Lear (Mrs. Bill Lear) on the 3rd free blank end paper. Profusely illustrated. One of only 20 presentation copies. This unique and very interesting book is 10505_2.jpg (24332 bytes)10505.jpg (64043 bytes) written by the widow of Bill Lear, inventor and developer of the Lear Jet. Mrs. Lear writes: “...Among the things we shared were the World War II period, the development of the Automatic Pilot, and the launching of Lear, Inc. on the American Stock Exchange. Then I watched Lear, Inc. become Lear Siegler as Bill needed the capital for the design and development of the Learjet. About ten years later we shared Learstar 600 which became the Challenger. We flew all over the world together: to Nome, Alaska for lunch, to Paris for dinner, to Athens for the weekend and to Moscow in a Cessna 310 before we had our Learjet...” Inasmuch as this is one of only 20 signed presentation copies, this is already a rare book. Mint....[10505].+.$4995.00  


10948.jpg (130270 bytes)LIND, DON L. Astronaut. Official NASA color ISP showing him in his space suit with U.S. flag in background..................[10948]........$25.00




(AVIATION) LINDBERGH, CHARLES A. (1902-74) and ANNE MORROW LINDBERGH (b. 1906). May 20-21, 1927 in his monoplane “The Spirit of St. Louis” Lindbergh made the first solo trans-Atlantic flight. On subsequent flights his wife accompanied him as co-pilot and radio operator including a 40,000 mile flight over 5 continents. In 1931 the Lindbergh’s made a famous Good Will flight to the Orient. However, when they arrived they were shocked to learn that China was suffering catastrophic flooding. On landing at Namking, the Lindberghs learned that millions of people were homeless and starving and it was essential for relief organizations to know the limits of the flood. They were also told their plane was the only plane in China with enough range to learn the extent of the flooding and the damage. The Lindberghs immediately changed their plans and began charting on a map the extent of the flooding. In her book Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead: Diaries and Letters, 1929-32 (1973) Anne wrote her mother in part: “...flying from Wuhu to Hankow, Sept. 30 (1931)/ Mother darling: I am sitting in the baggage compartment this time because we are carrying Dr. Borcic of the Rockefeller Inst. to various places in the flooded area, and he surveys the land from my seat. It is quite comfortable and I can see out the baggage compartment hatch hole...Our first surveys we did alone, I doing the flying and C. the sketching and mapping. The first day was terribly shocking: the area east of the Grand Canal from Nanking to Peking flooded by both the river and the Grand Canal -- you just can’t believe the extent. Looking as far as you can see on all sides, nothing but water and the tops of trees, collapsed thatched roofs, and here and there a smear of brown on the surface, where a mud village or house was, or a road...” On one of the reconnaissance missions Charles almost lost his life when a large mob of starving and crazed peasants stormed the plane in an effort to obtain food. Charles had to fire a revolver in the air to get the doctor back in the plane and for them to get away. In a subsequent mishap, the plane flipped upside down in the Yangtze River and Anne almost drowned. Shortly before these misadventures the Lindberghs spent the night at the home of Dr. Robert Brown, head of the American Hospital in Wuhu, China and they signed his guest book (this item) on Sept. 29, 1931. Interestingly, Charles listed his work address (St. Louis Mo.) where he was working as an airmail pilot and Anne gave “Englewood, N.J. (where she was reared). During this period in their lives the Lindberghs had been married for over a year and had a child whom they had left with relatives during the trip. Their home in Flemington, N.J. was still being built and they did not move into it until their return from China and it was from their new house from which their baby was kidnapped -- five months after they signed this guest book. This is the guest book of Dr. and Mrs. R.E. Brown of Wuhu and is signed and dated 1924 on the first free blank end paper. The last entry is dated April 20, 1936 by Rev. Deacon Shamoun Elia (Assyrian) who wrote after his name: One of the refugees of Musa Dagh Persecution of Christians by Turks 1914. The book contains several hundred signatures, 11647.jpg (105680 bytes) including those of Charles and Anne Lindbergh. This is truly a time capsule and a treasure and likely the only available memorabilia of one of the Lindberghs most famous aviation feats and almost certainly the most dangerous...[11647]. ..$2495.00


Piece of Silver Fabric from Lindbergh’s Famous Plane “The Spirit of St. Louis”
Removed During Repairs Following His Immortal 1927 Solo Trans-Atlantic Flight,  (With Impeccable Provenance)

(LINDBERGH, CHARLES A.) (1902-1974). Aviator. Made the first solo non-stop Trans-Atlantic flight, New York to Paris, May 20-21, 1927. One of the all time aviation greats.  Small piece of fabric (1/4” x 5/8”) from Lindbergh’s famous plane “The Spirit of St. Louis”, archivally encased in a gold watch crystal locket (1/2” x 5/8”), and handsomely framed with a 5” x 7” sepia photograph of Lindbergh standing beside his famous plane, the name of which is clearly visible on 11778.jpg (48864 bytes) the side of the plane. The relic and  photo are matted in ivory mats and framed in a 1” gold wood frame; overall size 16” x 12”. Below the relic is a 3” x 1.25” brass plaque engraved as follows: “Original silver fabric from/ “The Spirit of St. Louis”/ In which Charles A. Lindbergh/ made the immortal first solo non-stop/ Trans-Atlantic Flight, N.Y. to Paris,/ May 20-21, 1927”.

PROVENANCE: Comes with copy of a certificate of authenticity of the late legendary autograph dealer and expert Charles Hamilton. The locket is depicted on the certificate which is on letterhead of “The International Cyclopedia of Aviation Biography/ An Authentic Reference Work of Men and Women in Aviation/ W.L. Hamberger, Publisher/ 70 5th Ave., N.Y., U.S.A.”. Verbatim: (Below illustration of locket containing relic) “Piece of fabric of “The Spirit of St. Louis”, Col. Lindbergh's plane” below which Hamilton has typed: “CERTIFICATION/ I certify that the piece of silver fabric attached herewith was removed from Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh’s Ryan mono-plane, “The Spirit of St. Louis”, during repairs to the plane after the battering it took during the historic flight from New York to Paris, May 20-21, 1927./ This piece of original fabric was presented by Lindbergh to his friend W.L. Hamberger, publisher of “The International Cyclopedia of  Aviation Biography”. The typed note that appears under the fabric  (encased in a 11778CA.jpg (114462 bytes) small locket) is Hamberger’s own identification. (Signed) Charles Hamilton, Autograph Expert.” Lindbergh’s immortal flight was a milestone of mankind and one of the most important events of the 20th century. The “Spirit of St. Louis” is permanently housed in the Smithsonian and relics of and from it are extremely rare. This relic is particularly desirable because it was removed from the plane during repairs resulting from damage it received during the historic flight. The fabric was presented by Lindbergh himself to his friend W.L. Hamberger who was publisher of a famous aviation cyclopedia. A museum quality piece.. ...[11778-M]...$995.00




10962.jpg (17485 bytes)LOUSMA, JACK. Skylab 2; Columbia 3 (STS-3). Signature on 3 x 5 white card............................................................[10962]..............$18.50



McAULIFFE, S. CHRISTA. Astronaut. Killed in the Challenger disaster. TLS, 4to, official NASA letterhead, Washington, D.C., Sept. 18, 1985, in full: "Dear Samuel: Thank you for your note. I do not have my official photograph yet, but I have placed your name on a list and you should receive one this fall. I'm excited about my upcoming shuttle flight and appreciate your interest. Sincerely, (boldly signed) S. Christa McAuliffe." A poignant content letter referring to the tragic space mission in which she was killed. Her autograph is among the rarest of the astronauts as she was not selected until August, 1985, and died in January, 1986. Her training was grueling and she had little spare time, which she spent with her family. Mint. A museum quality piece. ...[6699] ...$2995.00

10960.jpg (14946 bytes)McDIVITT, JAMES A. Gemini 4 and Apollo 9.. Signature on 3 x 5 white card................................................................ [10960]......$25.00

10952.jpg (51910 bytes)MESSERSCHMID, ERNST. Science Astronaut on Spacelab. 4" x 6" color SP, shown aboard Spacelab. Fine...............[10952]........$35.00

10972.jpg (44000 bytes)OCKELS, DR. WUBBO. From the Netherlands. On challenger 9 & Spacelab 3 (STS-22). Has small Dutch flag mounted in upper left blank corner....Signature on 3 x 5 card .........[10972]............$95.00

10967.jpg (60507 bytes)PARKER, ROBERT. Columbia 6; Spacelab (STS-9). Signature on 3 x 5 card............................................................... (10967].......$18.50


6625.jpg (192673 bytes)(WW I) RICKENBACKER, EDDIE. WW I Air Ace. 4to B&W ISP, shown sitting at desk, 1967. Boldly signed in a light portion. Fine......[6625].....+......$250.00

10071.jpg (111976 bytes)(WW I) (AIR ACE) RICKENBACKER, EDDIE (1890-1973). WW I Air Ace. Had 26 victories. Fought the Red Baron. 5" x 7" B&W SP, circa 1958, showing him in a business suit, sitting at a desk. Boldly signed. Nice. Comes with transmittal letter from his secretary .[10071]....+..... $195.00



SCHIRRA, WALTER M., JR. Astronaut. One of orig. Mercury 7 Astronauts. Flew on Mercury 8, Gemini 6 & Apollo 7. ANS. Signed w/initials on 8vo stationery "We need to study Earth more thoroughly from orbit and understand the effects of zero gravity before a three year mission to Mars.  W.S."  Rare.  [8649] + $ 95.00



8637.jpg (135928 bytes)SLAYTON, DONALD K.  Astronaut. One of orig. seven Mercury Astronauts. He flew as the docking module pilot of the Apollo-Soyuz Mission & served as NASA’s Director of Flight Crew Operations for the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo & Skylab programs. He also directed the government industry team preparing the Space Shuttle for launch & flight operation. TLS, Jan. 28, 1987, letterhead of Space Services, Inc. of American, Houston, Texas. In full "In response to your query about a joint mission to Mars with the Russians, I personally believe this to be a constructive program and will happen some day.  Most likely it will be in the next century due to the major budgetary requirements for such a program. Enclosed is a brochure on our company for your information. Thank you for your interest. Sincerely,  (boldly signed)  Donald K. Slayton/President." Comes w/orig. pamphlet. Rare in letters & virtually impossible to find in space content letters. Pristine. The pair. [8637]  $395.00


10976.jpg (50441 bytes)WEITZ, PAUL J. Skylab 1; Challenger 1 (STS-6)..Signature on 3 x 5 card.......................................................................[10976].........$18.50



(AVIATION) (WW I) (VON RICHTOFEN, BARON MANFRED) Two rare and authentic relics of the "Red Baron". A small piece of fabric from Von Richtofen's Fokker tri-plane in which he was killed and a lock of his crew cut hair taken from a locket he gave a relative. The plane fabric was obtained by a WW I doughboy and was purchased directly from him by the late Conway Barker, from whom we purchased it. Both relics are handsomely encased in small oval and round gold lockets, with double crystals. The locket of hair comes with a certificate of authenticity from Charles Hamilton and the plane fabric comes with a copy of the original typed provenance by the original recipient. These relics are handsomely double matted in light brown and rust acid free mats with two photos of the Red Baron: a sepia 6" x 5" photo showing him in his famous plane, wearing his flight helmet and a small 2 1/2" color print of the painting of him which was inside the locket that contained the lock of 1129.jpg (266729 bytes) his hair, and clearly showing his crew cut hair. Framed in a 1" gold wood frame. Three handsome brass plaques adorn the framed item. Two of the plaques detail the provenance of the plane's fabric and hair as detailed herein above  and the third plaque reads: "RELICS OF BARON VON RICHTOFEN", "THE RED BARON" (1892-1918) TOP GERMAN AIR ACE IN WW I WHO SHOT DOWN 80 ALLIED PLANES AND WAS KILLED IN ACTION". Overall size: 14" x 20 1/2". A striking display piece.... [1129]...  .........$1995.00





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