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Lone Star Autographs

Buying and selling Autographs in all fields.


There are no images for most items on this page.  If you require an image, please E-mail us at the address above and we will be happy to supply you with an image.  Material on this page is material that has only recently been listed and is generally sold for wholesale prices.

(OPERA) ALBANESE, LICIA. Leading soprano, Met. opera. Huge in-person sig. on portion of program w/her photo.  [9597]    $28.50

ALBERT, HERB. Pop band leader & trumpet player. 4to B&W ISP, showing him playing trumpet.      [6201]  $28.50

(OPERA) ANDERSON, DAME JUDITH. Opera star. Signature on white 3"x5" card. Nice.   [5884]   $25.00


10958.jpg (26432 bytes)ALDRIN, EDWIN E.. "Buzz". 2nd man on moon. Rare vintage signature  on 3 x 5 card:  "Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.". He later legally changed his name to Buzz and has not signed with his rare early signature in many years.......[10958]....$95.00

(ENGLAND) (WOMEN) ANNE ARMSTRONG.  Diplomat. Pres. Ford’s Ambassador to the Court of St. James. First woman to serve in that post Co.Chm. of Republican Nat’l Committee. ANS on small heavy blank embossed card as Ambassador. Comes w/clipping & photo from 1-19-76 "Newsweek". The trio. [12257]   $ 25.00

AUGAR, PIERRE. Noted French scientist. 3.50" x 5.50" matte finish SP. [12096]   $15.00

(NOBEL) BELLOW, SAUL. Writer. Won Nobel Prize for Literature. TLS, U. of Chicago Committee on Social Thought, 4to Nov. 25, l99l. In part: "What you say is true, I have little time for correspondence. I can, however, spot people who could be worth writing to and to them I make it a point to reply, however briefly. I’ve not regretted so much as a single day devoted to the Committee on Social Thought, and I’ve belonged to it since l963".  Has 2 corrections in his hand. Nice. Mint.  [12193]  $75.00                                      

(BIG BANDS). The following lot of Big Band material consists of in person sigs. of musicians, singers & band leaders, mostly pencil, obtained in the 30’s & 40’s & on small slips of paper from programs, etc., & includes: Henry Russell, Hulon(or Helen?)Kay, Jean Webb, Wayne Gregg, Marguerite & Maxine Bennett, Charlie Bell Bennett, 8vo printed photo of a pianist signed by Sicero(?)Lopez, Sonny Skyler, Anne Barrett & Penny Parker & l2mo printed photograph signed by Leo Pieper. The lot of l3 items.    [12185]   $38.50

BONERZ,  PETER.  Actor & entertainer. 4to B&W ISP. [12268]  $ 18.50

BORGE, VICTOR. Danish pianist. Known as the funniest man in music. 4"x6" B&W SP.   [12167]            $l8.50

BORGE, VICTOR. Danish pianist. Developed a type of humorous piano concert. Known as the "Funniest Man in Music". 4to B&W ISP. Nice. [12160] $25.00

BORGE, VICTOR. Conductor, 4to glossy B&W ISP. Candid shot while conducting.  [12172] $22.50

BORGE, VICTOR. Pianist-comic & actor. Vintage 7"x5" glossy B&W ISP, shown at his piano, ca l955.    [12178]  $25.00

BOSLEY,  TOM.  Actor. 4to B&W ISP (1983). [12273]  $15.00

(BOSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT). An excellent SP of "Deputy Goode". Nov. 5, 1927. A portrait of professional quality of the "White Studio, 172 Tremont St." Goode, who is Deputy Super. of Police appears in a formal bust pose in uniform & hat. Inscribed to Matt Brush, a New York railroad magnate.  A classic period photo. Mounting traces on reverse. Small 1" crease in upper left corner touching nothing. Otherwise fine. [12062]    $48.50

BRADBURY, JANETTE LANE. Ballerina & dancing star. 4to B&W SP. Not common.  [12126]      $l5.00

(OPERA) BREMA, MARIE. (real name, Minny Fehrmann) (l856-l925). English opera singer. ALS, 8vo, Kinsington, n.d., regarding times of rehearsals. Signed w/initials. Comes w/printed 8vo photo. The pair. [12143]    $25.00

BREWER, TERESA. Singer & entertainer. Signed Christmas card. Nice.  [5965] $18.50

BRIDGES, LLOYD. Actor. On early T.V. series "Sea Hunt", etc. 3.50"x5.50" color SP. On verso he has also written "Warmest regards L.B." Comes with orig. envelope addressed in his hand. The pair.  [12083]  $25.00  

BROUGHAM, JOHN. (1814-1880). Am. actor, playwright, Mgr., London Assurance. Bold darkly penned sig. clipped from letter. Mounted to card stock. Unevenly age toned. [12039]    $35.00

BURBANK, LUTHER. (1849-1926). Am. horticulturist. Boldly signed heavy card: "Sincerely yours, Luther Burbank, Santa Rosa Calif., April 20, 1925". Choice & pristine.    [7447]  $ 98.50  

BUZZI, RUTH. Comic-actress. 4to B&W ISP. [12261] $ 18.50

CANYON, CHRISTY. Porn Queen. 4to color SP shown sitting on the floor w/one leg crossed & under her & resting her elbow on the other knee. She is wearing nothing below the waist & one breast is exposed. Nothin’ is left to the imagination. [12036***].   $95.00

CARSON, JOHNNY. T.V. personality. 5"x5" color print of Rod Dyer’s l980 prize winning painting "Here’s Johnny", s. on r. border.  [12100]     $48.50

(VINTAGE CELEBRITY NEWSPAPER CLIPPING LOT). The following lot consists of more than 30 newspaper clippings w/mostly sensational stories about the following stars: Jackie Cooper, Princess Grace & Prince Rainier & their Wedding, Imre Nagy, Hungarian leader, Elizabeth Taylor, Steven Seagal, Bob Hope, (& photo of he and 5 brothers), Bing Crosby, George Burns, Donald O’Connor, Lee Marvin, Rock Hudson, John Glenn, Kate & Spencer, Mickey Rooney, Anthony Quinn, Ann Miller, Liberace, Fay Bainter, the Gabor Sisters, Jessica Tandy, Tom Cruise, Helen Hayes, Katherine Hepburn(3), Richard Chamberlain, George Burns, Ted Danson & Princess Di. A voluminous collection. Many of the articles are multi-paged. An interesting lot. [12093]  $25.00


(CELEBRITY STATIONERY LOT)  The following lot of 11 letters, some with envelopes, on the letterhead of the celebrity but sig. by a sec’y or aide. King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden (’58), Gen.Charles de Gaulle  (’58),  Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, Konrad Adeuauer, Katharine Hepburn (2),  Greer Garson, Ginger Rogers & President Hosne Mubarak of Egypt, Pres. Tito of Yugoslavia, & King Bandom of Belgium.  [12256]    $25.00



(ASTRONAUT-FRANCE) CHRETIEN, GEN. JEAN-LOUP.   French astronaut. TLS, Centre National d’etudes Spatiales, Paris, Oct., 1990. In part "...It is likely that men may be able to fly to Mars within the next 25 years if this project is an international one..."…[7752] +  $ 35.00

CHRISTOPHER, WARREN. Actor, sig. on guest book page.  [12111]  $12.50

CHURCHILL, DIANA. Eng. actress & leading lady of the 30’s. Vintage 4to glossy B&W SP. Minor creasing. Not common.  [12113]  $25.00

CLARK, SUSAN. Actress & leading lady. On screen from l967, etc. 8vo ALS, Mar. 22, (l9)78, thanks for flowers & telegram. Not common. [12098] $l5.00 

COOPER, GARY. 4to B&W SP. Scene from "The Hanging Tree", l959.  Secretarially signed. Nice.  [12124]        $l0.00     

COMO, PERRY. Singer-actor. 4to B&W ISP.  [12118] $l5.00

CRENNA, RICHARD. Actor. 4to B&W ISP. Candid half-bust pose. [12090]    $25.00

CUMMINGS, BOB. Actor. 4.25"x3.50" B&W ISP. Scene from "Kings Row" (l943) w/ Ronald Reagan. Later signed. Nice [12092] $25.00  

DARRIEUX, DANIELLE. French actress of film & stage. 3.50"x5.50", half-bust SP. Lovely pose. Comes w/orig. Universal Pictures env. Postmarked l938.  Mint. The pair.    [12094]  $27.50  

DeGROTTE, STEVEN. Pianist. 4to B&W glossy SP. In concert.  [12174]  $l8.50

DELUISE, DOM. Comic actor & entertainer. Christmas Card.  Colorful Christmas scene on front, signed inside below greeting with an interesting self-caricature incorporated into his signature. [12201]**   $ 25.00

DILLER, PHYLLIS. Comic actress. Absolutely hilarious pose showing her hair sticking straight out! Boldly signed in dark portion in silver ink. Excellent contrast.  [6216**].     $25.00

DILLER, PHYLLIS. Comic actress. TLS, 8vo, July 26, l965. In part: "The picture is guaranteed not to turn yellow", signed, Love "Phyllis". Beneath her name she has drawn a self-caricature, complete with wild hair! Charming. Comes w/orig. env. & mailing label. The trio.  [12197]   $ 35.00

"DILLINGER". Pop singing group. 4to B&W SP of the group. Signed in full silver ink by all four.  Nice.    [6577]   $28.50

(BUSINESS) DOLLAR, ROBERT. Shipping magnate. Bold signature on card, 1931.[7549]  $28.50

(BUSINESS) (DELAWARE) duPONT, T.  COLEMAN.  (1863-1930). U.S. Senator (R.DE) (1921-1922; 1925-28). Pres. E.I. duPont de Nemours Power Co. (1902-15);  Pres., Central Coat & Iron Co. Extremely fine 9"x10" ISP to RR Executive Matt Brush.  Photo of a painting, ca  1925. [1021]   $35.00    

(BUSINESS) FORD, HENRY II. Pres. of Ford Motor Co. Automobile Mfg. & mogul. Candid 4to color half-bust ISP (1983). [12242] $38.50

FORD, STEVE. Actor. Son of the President. Fold over card, 5.5"x4", with "Happy Holidays" on front & signed "Steve Ford/Andy" inside, below the greeting. Only such example we have seen.  [12200]    $ 25.00

FRANCES, CONNIE. Pop singer. 4to B&W ISP. Nice. Not common. [6284]  $38.50 

GABOR, ZSA ZSA. Actress. Lovely 4to B&W ISP. Nice.[6298]  $25.00

5929.jpg (564227 bytes)  


(OPERA) GIULINI, CARLO MARIA. The eminent Italian conductor, w/ specialties in opera & Mahler. Currently the conductor of L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra. 8vo B&W printed SP.  [12171] $25.00 

12217-a.jpg (982704 bytes)12217.jpg (179015 bytes)GLADSTONE, WILLIAM E. (1809-1898) British Prime Minister (1868-74; 1880-85; 1886; 1892-94). A powerful & controversial statesman who dis-established the Irish church; reformed Irish government w/a new land & home rule bills; denunciation of Turkish atrocities in Bulgaria (1875).  Boldly & darkly penned signature clipped from a document or letter. Comes w/4to printed photo w/biographical information & a facsimile of his signature. The duo.  [12217] $ 95.00 (six (6) signatures available to choose from)

GLADSTONE, WILLIAM (See above). Small envelope addressed to Rt. Hon. W.H. Smith w/Gladstone’s initials in lower left corner. On upper portion "Right Hon. W.E.Gladstone, W.P., is written in red ink.   [12218]  $ 48.50

GOBEL, GEORGE. (l9l8-9l). Comic actor. 4to B&W ISP. Ca. l958. R & L white margins sl. trimmed else fine. Shows him at his prime.  [12106]  $22.50

GOBEL, GEORGE. Comic actor. 4to half-bust B&W ISP. Nice. [12086]   $25.00

(FBI) GRAY,L.PATRICK.  Director of FBI following Hoover. Formal 9"x11" color half bust ISP to long term employee. Damage to bottom portion of photo (paper loss) & water damage to 4 words of inscription but the signature (Pat Gray) is strong. Sold for signature value; not a common law enforcement autograph. [12232]  $ 48.50

HARRIS, PHIL. Band leader & comic actor. Married to Alice Faye.  a.) 4to half bust B&W ISP. Nice.  [12081]  $25.00

HARRIS, PHIL b.) TLS, 4to, personalized letterhead, Feb. 20, l959. "Happy you enjoyed our television show...Alice & I hope to be with you real soon". Boldly signed. Small nick out of upper l. blank corner (expertly repaired). Else fine.  Comes w/orig. envelope. [12082]    $l8.50  

(BUSINESS) HEARST, WILLIAM R.,JR. Publishing mogul. ANS on 3"x5"  card.  [12240]  $10.00

HEIDT, HORACE. Bandleader; on screen in l94l. In: "Pot O’Gold". 4to B&W ISP. Not common.  [6361]  $l8.50

HO, DON. Pop singer ("Tiny Bubbles", etc.), 4to color SP (l989). Shown wearing an Hawaiian lei. Great shot.  [12070]  $25.00             

(BUSINESS) IACOCCA, LEE.  CEO of Chrysler.  Bold sig. on 3x5 card. [12234]  $18.50

IDOL, BILLY. Rock star. 4to B&W ISP. Half-bust pose on motorcycle. Part of last name in dark portion, thus priced. [12182]  $25.00

JOHNSON, DIANE. Author, her book "Lying Low", 8vo, 278 pp., Alfred A.Knopf, N.Y., l978, 1st. ed., w/d.j. inscribed on F.F.B.E.P. "For Thomas M. McCooy, with best of wishes from Diane Johnson, February, l979". The brilliant author of "The Shadow Knows" gives us a vivid, dramatic novel about a peculiar & crucial few days in the lives of four people---an elderly brother & sister & their two boarders---living in a large Victorian house in a suburb of Sacramento, CA.  The subjects are a political fugitive, an environmentalist, a philanthropist & a "semi" illegal alien.  The book received rare reviews from N.Y. Times, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Ms. Magazine & Newsweek.   [12140]  $38.50                               

(NOBEL) KASTLER, ALFRED. Won ’66 Nobel Prize in physics. DS, 4pp., signed twice, once at top of 1st page & an inscription & signature below his photo on page two, being an article entitled "Reminiscences from the youth of Walker Bleakney & Alfred Kastler: Two unusual autobiographical chapters.  "Reprinted from AJP Vol. 40, July, 1972. A rare Nobel autograph in a highly desirable format.  [6881]   $ 95.00                  

KEACH, STACY. Actor. ("Mike Hammer", etc.) 5"x7" color ISP in-character as "Mike Hammer".  Nice. ..[12027]…. $25.00  

(FBI) KELLEY, CLARENCE M. Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation following J. Edgar Hoover. TLS, 4to, official letterhead, office of the Director, January 7, 1978 to a Veteran employee sending her "an honorary membership card in the FBI Recreation Assn .(FBIRA)...on the occasion of your 35th anniversary of employment with this Bureau". Strong bold sig. Last name very slightly lighter than first name.  Comes with original envelope.   Not common. [12226] $48.50

KERR, DEBORAH. Actress & leading lady. TLS, 8vo, Switzerland, Aug. 2,l989, boldly signed. Thanks to a fan & sending photo (not present). Writing on verso shows through. Due to defect. Not common. [12102]     $28.50

(OPERA) KIRSTEN, DOROTHY. Opera star. In several movies: "Mr. Music", "The Great Caruso", etc. Vintage in person 8vo signed program. [9608]  $18.50           

(OPERA) LANG, ALOIS. German opera star of Oberammergau fame. 3.5"x5.5" sepia SP, ca 1913.    [4441] $25.00                                   

LEIGH, JANET. Actress. Christmas card 7.5"x5.75", showing snow scene & 2 wolves on cover. Beneath the printed message inside is her printed signature: Janet Leigh Brandt. Comes w/a 4"x5" ISP signed "Janet Leigh"  & orig. envelope. The trio.    [12202]    $25.00   

LOREN, SOPHIA. Actress & leading lady. SP, half-bust, 4.25"x5.75", signed in light portion. Lovely.  [12032] $38.50

MacARTHUR, JAMES. Actor. Vintage 4to B&W ISP, ca l960. Written on verso is a list of his movies. Nice.   [12123]    $25.00

McCUEN, ROD. Beat poet & singer. 4to glossy B&W SP. Pensive profile shot. [ 12168] $25.00

12158.jpg (354742 bytes)

(BUSINESS) MARRIOTT, BILL.  CEO of the Marriott Hotel Chain. 5"x7" B&W ¾ length SP. Not common.  [12235]  $ 35.00

MASON, MARSHA. Actress 4to B&W ISP. Somewhat sultry, half-bust pose.   [12091]  $25.00

MATHIS, JOHNNY. Black singer & superstar. Has recorded several golden records. 4to B&W printed SP dated l977.   [12159]      $22.50

MEREDITH, BURGESS. Actor. Vintage 4to B&W ISP, ca l940. Later signed. Choice. [12074] $28.50  

MESTA, PERLE. Socialite & diplomat. "The Hostess With the Mostest" her autobiography.  Her book: Perle "MY STORY", With Robert Cahn, 8vo,  251pp., 1st ed., McGraw-Hill Book Co., l960, d.j.(chipped). Inscribed on the ffbep: For my very kind friends with warmest regards, Perle Mesta. Perle Mesta had several extraordinary careers: diplomat, ranch owner, world famous social leader, crusader for women’s rights & tireless worker for the Democratic party. She was the "unofficial" hostess for the Truman admin. Truman appointed her Ambassador to Luxembourg. She was the inspiration for Irving Berlin’s popular & award winning musical comedy "Call me Madame". The book is filled w/glimpses of the great figures of her time who were her frequent guests & devoted friends. [12205] $87.50                     

MILSAP, RONNIE. Singer. 4to color SP. Nice.  [12161]  $l8.50  

MOORE, MARY TYLER. Actress. Script for "Ordinary People", softbound, l30 pp., screenplay by Alvin Sargent, Second Draft, Sept. 21, l971, boldly signed on front cover "Best Wishes-Mary Tyler Moore. Rare.  [12207]  $ 48.50

(CALIFORNIA) MURPHY, GEORGE.  Actor & U.S. Sen. from Calif. 4to color half-bust ISP. Margins lightly trimmed, touching no image, else fine.  [12279]  $25.00

(MYSTERY LOT). Twelve in-person signatures, a few inscribed, on 3"x5" white card or slips of paper, incl. a U.S. Senate memo pages by Arlen Specter. The others are unidentified & are from the 90’s.  [12253]    $25.00

NEWMAN, JULIE. Actress, T.V. star, 4to glossy B&W ISP. Contrast fair.  [12066]  $12.50

NEWMAR,  JULIE.  Actress. 4to B&W ISP. Striking. [12266]  $ 25.00

NILES, JOHN JACOB. (l892-l980). Amer. songwriter, folksinger & authority on folk music. Studied at Cincinnati & later devoted himself to studying, collecting & arranging the songs of the southern Appalachians. Wrote: 7 Kentucky Mountain Songs(20); 7 Negro Exultations(29); Songs of the Hill Folk(34); l0 Christmas Carols(35); Ballads & Tragic Legends (37), etc. 8"xl0" glossy B&W ISP, l949, showing him full length, seated at a harpsichord. Scarce.   [12173] $38.50

ONANA, MAURICE. French composer & pianist. Autograph sentiment. Signed on card.   [8039]       $25.00

OWENS, BUCK. Pop & C&W singer. 4to glossy B&W ISP. [12175] $25.00

PALMERSTON, HENRY JOHN TEMPLE. (1784-1865). 3rd Viscount Palmerston. Prime Minister of Great Britain (1855-58, 1859-65). Aggressive foreign secretary & Prime Minister; engaged in "Gunboat Diplomacy". He proposed the ill-fated Crimean Campaign; maintained neutrality during the American Civil War. He was fond of "protecting" one country from another. 
a. Front portion of address cover in his hand boldly franked ("Palmerston") in lower left corner.  [12212]********  $ 65.00
b. Bold dark sig. clipped from letter or document. [12213] ********    $ 48.50
c. Portion of cover in his hand addressed For/The Queen/franked "Palmerston". Great   association.  [12214]  $l25.00
d. Lower portion of document 8"x3.5", w/bold sig.("Palmerston). [12215] $75.00


(OPERA) PEERCE, JAN. Known as "America’s Foremost Tenor". Bold ink sig. glued to mat. Opera Program shows Peerce on cover.  [12154]     $75.00

PERSOFF,  NEHEMIAH.  Actor.  4to B&W ISP. Not common. [12275] $25.00   

(OPERA) PETERS, ROBERTA. Outstanding Amer. soprano, w/N.Y. Met. over 30 years. Lovely vintage 4to B&W ISP. Ca l960. Nice.  [12142]      $28.50

PIKE, NICHOLAS. Arithmetician. Partly printed legal document signed Sept. 27, 1816. His arithmetic was recommended by George Washington. Tall 4to.  [12192]   $ 28.50

PITNEY, GENE. Pop singer. 4"x5", B&W, ISP. [12068]  $18.50

(POLITICAL LOT) All are 8"x10" SPs, some inscribed. Sen. Nancy Landon  Kassebaum, Sen. Olympia Snow, Loss Aspin, Sec’y. Defense (Clinton), Warren Christopher, Sec’y.State(Clinton), Sen. Arlon Spector, Congressman Wm. E. Dannemeyer (ca) Jack Kemp, HUD Sec’y, former football star, Redskins, Congressman Pat Schroeder. For the seven.   [12251]  $ 45.00

12220.jpg (79023 bytes)(POPES) Official photos of Popes John Paul I & II used during their respective pontificates. Each is approx. 3"x4 3/4". John Paul I is shown wearing a red cape over his white papal clothing & his large gold pectoral cross.  On verso is his facsimile inscription & signature in Latin & dated by him "3-IX-1978". Anything from his ephemeral reign is rare.  The photo of John Paul II is also 3"x4 3/4" & shows him half-bust wearing a rosy-red vestment over his white papal robe w/a gold & red sash & wearing a large gold pectoral cross.  On verso is a facsimile of a Latin inscription & signature he wrote & dated "25-3l de Eucro(?) 1979".Matched set.  Perfect for framing.  Both are fine. [12220]  $75.00   

PRICE, RAY. Pop singer & entertainer. 4to B&W SP. Not common. [12170**]  $l8.50

(OPERA) POBBE, MARCELLA. Opera singer. 4"x6" B&W ISP, l959.  [12150]  $l2.50    


12145_sig.jpg (66784 bytes)12145.jpg (170667 bytes)POWELL, COLIN L. General. Secretary of State. His autobiography My American Journey, 8vo, 643 pp., Random House, pubs., 1995, 1st ed., d.j. Boldly signed on title page. Colin Powell is the embodiment of the American dream. He was born in Harlem to immigrant parents from Jamaica. He knew the rough life of the streets and he overcame a barely average start at school. Then he joined the army -- and the rest is history. He writes of his climb to Four Star General, National Security Adviser, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Powell gives us candid behind the scenes portraits of Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton,  Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf and many others. Absorbing.. [12145].+++.$95.00


PRIDE, CHARLEY. C&W singer & recording artist. 4to color ISP, showing a young Pride. RCA Records publicity photo.  [12176]  $l8.50

(AIR ACES). (WWII) PURDY, CAPT. JOHN E. Served l8 mo. in South Pacific. Tally record: 7 kills, 2 probables, all air awards: Distinguished Flying Cross w/2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Medal w/6 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart. He also survived 4 crash landings. DS, 4to, 1p., biographical imprint w/photo of him in a jeep. Boldly signed.    [12077]   $35.00  

12030.jpg (99288 bytes)QUILLEN, EDDIE. a.) ISP, 5"x7", half-bust pose in bowler hat as a Mack Stennett star, 1928. [12030] $48.50  

RAILSBACH, STEVE. Actor. 4to B&W ISP. On verso he has also written "The Film is Torchlight".  [6355]    $l8.50  

(REAGAN,  RONALD) MAUREEN REAGAN.  First daughter, daughter of Reagan & Jane Wyman. 3 l/2"x5" B&W SP. [12278]  $10.00

REDDY, HELEN. Grammy winning singer (I Am Woman)& actress (Airport). 4to glossy B&W ISP.   [6950]  $l8.50  

(BUSINESS) REDENBACHER, ORVILLE. Popcorn king. 4to B&W glossy ISP shown with his grandson, signed "Orville" (’89).[12238]   $ 15.00

REYNOLDS, BURT. Actor. Handsome ¾ length color ISP. Nice.  [12115]   $25.00

RICKLES, DON. Comic actor, 4to B&W glossy ISP. [12065] $25.00

RITTER, JOHN. Actor, 4to glossy B&W ISP. Shown bare chested working out for his role in "Hero At Large".  Nice..[12063]       $l5.00

ROBARDS, JASON. Actor, 4to full length printed B&W ISP. Scene from movie.  [12064] $15.00

RODGERS, JIMMIE. Singer & entertainer. Vintage  4to glossy B&W ISP. [12177] $18.50

. Singer & actor. 4to half-bust SP. Candid shot. [12184]  $38.50

(AA) SAINT, EVA MARIE. Academy Award winning actress & leading lady.  Lovely 4to ¾ length.  a.) ISP. Choice. Comes w/cover hand addressed by Saint on which she has drawn bouquet of flowers. The pair.  [12084]   $25.00

(AA) SAINT, EVA MARIE. b.) Brief ALS on personalized 5"x3.50" personalized correspondence card, Sept. ’89, thanks for "your kind words". Scarce. Mint. [12085]       $25.00  

ST. MARKS, LEXUS. Model & actress. 4to, BW, SP. Full length pose shown wearing a see through "thong" & leaving little to the imagination. Signed "Love, Lexus"..[12033***]  $68.50  

SANDERSON, ERICK. Hockey star. 4to SP color action shot. [6353]      $18.50

SCHELL, MAXIMILLIAN. Actor. 4to B&W ISP, in char. from "First Love".   [6349]     $35.00


SCHIRRA, WALTER M., JR. Astronaut. One of orig. Mercury 7 Astronauts. Flew on Mercury 8, Gemini 6 & Apollo 7. ANS. Signed w/initials on 8vo stationery "We need to study Earth more thoroughly from orbit and understand the effects of zero gravity before a three year mission to Mars.  W.S."  Rare.  [8649] + $95.00

(OPERA) SCHWARZKOPF, ELIZABETH. (l9l5-) Celebrated German soprano. Sang at the Vienna stage opera & gave numerous performances at Salzburg Festivals where she acquired renown as a fine Mozart singer. In l940, she became a member of the German Nazi Party (mandatory for artists). In l95l she sang the part of Anne Tralove in World Premier of Stravinsky’s "The Rake’s Progress" in Venice & gave first Amer. recital at Carnegie Hall in ’53. Appeared w/Met. in ’64, in role of the Marshallin. Remained at Met. thru ’66. Married to Walter Legge. Lovely vintage 4to glossy ¾ length B&W ISP, ca l955. Mint. Rare. [12144]   $45.00


SEDAKA, NEIL. Composer & Rock ‘n Roll singer. 4to, B&W, ISP. Shown  shirtless, BROUGHAM, wearing unzipped leather jacket.(**)     $28.50

SEDAKA, NEIL. Pop rock & roll singer. Teen idol of the 50’s. 4to B&W ISP.   [12179]   $l8.50


SHEEN, MARTIN. Academy Award actor & leading man. 
(a.) 4to B&W half-bust candid ISP, l989; 
(b.) ALS, 4to Sept. 20(l989), on verso of a fan’s letter to him, thanking her for her "kind & thoughtful letter" & returning her photo (above) which he has autographed. He concludes the letter: Faith, Hope & Love, Martin Sheen". Mounting traces along r. blank margin touching no writing. He is rare in ALsS. This is first & only such example to cross our desk. 
(c.) portion of the orig. cover addressed by him w/his return address in upper left corner w/his name written as "Sheen". The trio. [12139]  $48.50

SHELDON, SIDNEY. Writer, 4to TLS, n.p., July 30, l98l, sending autograph.  Boldly signed.    [12044]    $18.50

SHIELDS,  BROOKE.  Actress. "Playboy" color cover for Dec.’86, inscribed and signed by her likeness, which is on the cover. Two fold marks from mailing, else fine. Lovely  [12269] $ 35.00

(OPERA) SILLS, BEVERLY. Opera star. D.S. being extract from an interview w/biographical content. "...I’m not speaking as the stereotyped prima donna with horns coming out her head.  I wasn’t raised in a very well-to-do family where I was sent off to become the opera star, nor was I raised in a ghetto where I had to struggle to exist...I project what I am---an intelligent & well educated girl from Brooklyn..."    Great content. [12141]    $35.00

(OPERA) SILLS, BEVERLY. (l929-). Operatic diva, celebrated Amer. soprano. At age 3 appeared on radio under the name "Bubbles"! Made Met. debut as "Donna Anna"(l966). ALS, 4to 2pp., (recto & verso) n.d., Phila., Pa., sending photo & inviting admirer to visit her back stage in N.Y. Boldly signed. Ca l970.   [12148]  $25.00

(OPERA) SILLS, BEVERLY. 3.5"x5.5" glossy B&W ISP, in char. as "Norma". [12149] $25.00

(OPERA) SILLS, BEVERLY. Opera star. Vintage ISP, 4"x5.5", ca l960. One word in the inscription smeared in signing. Signature fine.   [7491]    $22.50   

SIMONE, BRIGITTE. Blond, Playboy Bunny, model & actress. Color, 4to, SP, wearing black net see-through panties with breasts exposed. Signed "Love & Kisses, Simone".   [12034]   $95.00

SIMONE, BRIGITTE. Playboy Bunny, actress & model. 4to, color SP, signed "Love & Kisses Simone", completely nude.  [12035] $95.00  

SHEDDY, ALLY. Actress. 4to B&W SP. Nice.   [12104]  $25.00

(CARTOON ART) SMITH, GEORGE & VIRGINIA. Cartoonists. a.) Two orig. signed drawings of the "Smith Family" character on 3"x5" white card inscribed "All the best from the Smith Family, George & Virginia". [12079]   $45.00           

(CARTOON ART) SMITH, GEORGE & VIRGINIA. b.) Original drawing of the "Smith Family" character, shown holding a box w/an arrow through himself, drawn in the blank address portion of a First Day of Issue Cover w/the $.25 Cheyenne Comm. stamp, postmarked Cody, Wy, Aug. l7, l990.                                       [12080] $45.00  

SNOW, HANK. C&W star. One of the greats. 4to B&W ISP, half-bust. Mint.  [12075]  $35.00

SOMMER, ELKE. Actress. In: "The Prize", etc. 4to glossy B&W ISP. [12041]..$l8.50 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


CLACK, JIM. Tackle. Pittsburgh Steelers.                     [12051]      $l5.00
HOF. Minnesota Vikings.                      [12045]     $l5.00
GARVEY, STEVE. First Baseman. L.A. Dodgers.       [12049]      $l5.00
. Quarterback. Pittsburgh Steelers.        [12054]      $l5.00
. HOF.All time interception leader.   Minnesota Vikings.  [12056]    $25.00
. Fullback. Minnesota Vikings.          [12050]           $l5.00
. HOF. Center. Minnesota Vikings. [12058]      $l8.50
. HOF. Guard. Minnesota Vikings.               [12047]         $l5.00

End of Sports Super Stars

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

(OPERA) STELLA, ANTOINETTA. Italian soprano. Made debut in Rome(‘5l)as Leonore in "La Forza del Destino"; sang at LaScala in Milan(’53); Covent Garden, London(’55), & at the Vienna Opera. Made Am.debut at N.Y. Met. (’56)in "Aida", on whose roster she remained for several years before returning to Europe. Vintage 4to glossy B&W ISP, inscribed in Italian & dated Rome, l959. Lovely.   [10232]      $35.00  

STEVENS,  CONNIE.  Singer & actress. 4to B&W ISP. (’87).Great pose. [12274]  $18.50

STEVENS, STELLA. Actress & leading lady. 4to B&W ISP.  [6309]   $18.50

STEVENS, STELLA. Actress. Co-star. On screen from l959. 4to glossy B&W ISP. Close up of face.     [12101]      $15.00

STRUTHERS, SALLY. Actress, leading lady. Played "Gloria", the daughter of Archie Bunker in "All in the Family", etc. 4to B&W, glossy ISP.      [12043]   $25.00

SWENSON,  INGA.  Actress ("Benson," etc.) 4to B&W SP. [12259**]    $ 18.50

THICKE, ALAN.  Actor, humorist & entertainer, in "Growing Pains", etc. 4to B&W ISP. [12265]  $28.50 

THOMAS,  MARLO.  Actress.  ("That Girl", etc.)  4to B&W ISP.  [12276]  $22.50


(WWII) (ATOMIC BOMB) TIBBITS, PAUL W.  Pilot of the "Enola Gay" which dropped the first atomic bomb on Hieroshima in 1945.  11"x 14" B&W photo showing him w/several other crew members standing beside a plane. Boldly signed & dated 11-9-89. [12249*]     $ 95.00

(WWII) (ATOMIC BOMB) TIBBITS, PAUL W.  11" x 14" SP showing Tibbits inside a quansit hut briefing the crew. Boldly signed.  [12250]  $95.00

TIEGS, CHERYL. Actress. 4to B&W ISP. Lovely.   [5355]   $l5.00

TILLOTSON, JOHNNY. C&W singer. 4to B&W ISP.   [12076]   $l8.50  

TILTON , CHARLENE.  Entertainer & actress. 4to B&W ISP. Sexy pose. [12263]  $ 38.50

TINY TIM. Late singer. Best remembered for his hilarious rendition of "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" & his nationally televised wedding to "Miss Vicki". Vintage 4to B&W ¾ length ISP, showing him singing. The costume he is wearing appears to have comic strip characters printed on it. Hilarious. His material is surprisingly scarce. [12181**]  $65.00

(TRUMAN,  BESS).  First Lady.  One of her embossed personalized envelope bears her printed franking signature. Cancelled.[12277]  $ 5.00

VAN PATTEN, JOYCE. Supporting actress. On screen from l95l. In: "Fourteen Hours", "Alice B. Toklas", etc. 4to B&W glossy ISP. [12060] $l5.00

WALLACE,  MARCIA.  Actress. 4to B&W ISP. [12271**]  $12.50

LAWRENCE WELK SHOW CAST. 5"x7" pamphlet "Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show", signed by the following on their photos: "Bobby Burgess & Cissy King (dancers), Jack Imel & Joe Freeney.  [12073]  $25.00              

WELLER, PETER. Actor. 4to B&W SP. Shown half-bust aiming a pistol & looking quite fierce.  [12121]      $28.50

WILLIAMS, ANDY. Singer & entertainer. 4to glossy B&W ISP, shown wearing a sweater.   [12180]   $l8.50

ZIMBALIST, STEPHANIE. Actress, T.V. star. In: "Centennial"(as Elly Zahn), etc VAN PATTEN. 4to glossy B&W ISP.       [12059]   $l2.50






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