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10870.jpg (149893 bytes)BAKER, JAMES A. III. Secty. of State and presidential advisor to Pres. Bush. 4" x 5" half-bust color SP, boldly signed........[10870]..........$25.00


10866.jpg (73950 bytes)BROWN, JESSE. First Black Secty. of Veterans Affairs. 4to B&W SP. .................................................[10866]...........$25.00


(SUPREME COURT) 8240.jpg (118646 bytes)BYRNES, JAMES F. (1879-1972). Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court (1941-42); Sec’y of State (1945-47); Gov. of S.C. (1951-55). TLS, 8vo, Feb. 5, 1946, sending autograph. Mounting traces on verso, some show through. Fine signature. Sold for signature value......[8240]..+....$48.50



(SUPREME COURT) BYRNES, JAMES F. Assoc. Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, Secretary of State. He served as “Director of War Mobilization” under FDR and in that capacity he sat in on the meetings of FDR, Churchill and Stalin at Yalta. He took shorthand notes which he used to report 11740.jpg (78014 bytes) verbatim conversations of the Big Three. Byrnes also attended the Potsdam Conference and the London Conference in Sept. 1945, which ended in a deadlock. He reports the triumphs and tragedies of the Moscow and Paris Peace Conferences which he also attended, where the five European treaties were hammered out and finally, to the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers in N.Y.  in Dec., 1946, where the deadlock was finally broken. This book is about the two year period between V-E Day and a lasting peace. As Secretary of State, Byrnes, more than any one man, shaped and directed American foreign policy during that critical time. Speaking Frankly by James F. Byrnes, 8vo, 324 pp., Harper and Bros., Publishers, 1st ed., 1947, no d.j. Book summary from the d.j. affixed to first free end paper. Illustrations. Boldly inscribed and signed on half-title page.........+.............[11740]** .....$150.00



FARLEY, JAMES A. (1888-1976). Postmaster General; CEO of Coca Cola and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Farley was a king maker and was one of those who was most responsible for FDR’s Presidential nomination and election. His book: Behind the Ballots, 8vo, 392 pp., Harcourt, Brace & Co., N.Y., pubs., later printing, 1939, d.j., chipped, boldly signed on first free blank end paper in his trademark green ink. Overall condition is excellent. Farley was perhaps the hardest working and most successful politician of his day and he tells the inside story of his career. He is frank about the political machinery that got things done. He 11648.jpg (50127 bytes) tells how he got his start in politics and gives his frank impressions of Al Smith, FDR and other party leaders. The Presidential campaigns of 1932 & 1936 are discussed in great detail as well as the controversial topic of party patronage, the furor over “special stamp issues” and much more. A classic Democratic Memoir........ ...[11648].......$87.50

G7335.jpg (51807 bytes)ALLATIN, ALBERT (1761-1849). U.S.Sec’y of the Treasury (1801-14) Negotiator of peace (1814) with Great Britain after War of 1812; U.S. Minister to France (1816-23) to Great Britain (1826-27). President of National (later Gallatin) Bank, New York (1832-39). Studied Am. Indian tribes and founder (1842) Am. Ethnological Society of New York. Front panel of franked cover as Secretary of the Treasury, addressed to “Treasury Department” with round black circular postmark “Wash. City, May 21”, and “Free”. Neither stamp touches signature. Normal age toning. Excellent signature..[7335]..$148.50

6184.jpg (66089 bytes)(SUPREME COURT)  GOLDBERG, ARTHUR J. Secretary of Labor under JFK (1961); Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Ambassador to U.N. TLS, 4to, letterhead of U.S. Representative to the U.N., Nov. 9, 1967. Letter to a U.N. employee congratulating her on her recent promotion for “The Public Affairs Office of this mission.” Boldly signed. Authentically signed Goldberg material is uncommon, particularly letters. Comes with original hand delivered envelope. The pair...[6184]..+.. $148.50



HAYS, WILL H.  Movie Czar.  Postmaster Gen. under Harding; later, became Movie Czar and controlled film industry with an iron fist.  Instituted movie "ratings".  TLS, 4to, Oct. 12, 1920, letterhead of Republican National Committee, with elephant logo in lower left corner.  The letterhead includes the "Executive Committee" among whom are: Harry M. Daugherty (later Harding's Atty. Gen. of Tea Pot Dome Fame), Mrs. Corinne Roosevelt Robinson (Sister of T.R. 9948.jpg (306867 bytes)& Aunt of Eleanor).  James G. Blaine, Jr. is listed as "Eastern Treasurer".  In Part: "My dear Mr. _____, We have had a long, hard pull for the last two years in this endeavor, and as we are now coming to what I believe is going to be a successful conclusion, I want again to assure you of my appreciation for all you have done.  I know it is not necessary to write you to keep up the work till the very last minute, and I am not writing for that purpose.  I want us to do this, of course, and I know you will, because we want to make the victory so big that it will forever make certain that a responsible political party cannot avoid responsibility for maladministration.  I hope the time never comes in this country when either party can avoid responsibility. ...."  Boldly signed.  Minor border chipping, else fine.  Unusually good political content.....[9948]..+..$195.00


9936.jpg (220407 bytes)(MOVIES) (CABINET - PMG).  HAYES, WILL H.  Movie czar.  Postmaster Gen. under Harding.  Later, controlled movie industry with an iron fist and instituted movie rating.   TLS, 4to, Oct. 6, 1931, letterhead of "Motion Pictures Producers & Distributors of America", N.Y.C., to E.E.E. McJimsey, (influential editor) Springfield, Mo.   Letter of thanks for his letter & "...I do hope I can see you in California this winter...Look me up sure.  I will be there in January..."  Boldly signed.  Nice..[9936]...+...$48.50



(W.W. II) (CABINET) (FEMINISM) (TEXANA) HOBBY, OVETA CULP. Commander of the W.A.C.'s in W.W. II; Secretary of Health, Education, & Welfare under Eisenhower. Wife of W.P. Hobby, a former Governor of Texas and owner of the Houston Post. Mrs. Hobby's copy of a patriotic speech, 2356.jpg (219648 bytes) undated, but circa 1945, two typed pages, 8 1/2" x 14", with 2356_1.jpg (181867 bytes) numerous pencil corrections in her hand. Signed at the end in pencil: "Mrs. W.P. Hobby" beneath which she has written in pencil: "My dear Mr. Templeton: Will this do? You are privileged to change it as you like. Mrs. Hobby". Actually signed twice, and with a scarce form of her signature as her usual signature is "Oveta Culp Hobby". In part: "Texas women in large numbers crossed the seas dedicating themselves to helpful service. Those remaining behind participated in the various war activities with zest and enthusiasm. Red Cross work was entered upon by practically every woman in the state...The women campaigned for the liberty loans, collected with untiring hands and hearts full of tenderness funds for the alleviation of suffering attendant upon the pitiless war...These noble women seek no recognition nor reward for the services rendered; it was a service of love. No tablet will reflect the record and no monument mark the magnitude of their work, but deep in the hearts of the manhood of Texas will be the consciousness that the women of Texas were their comrades in arms, marching with them and now rejoicing with them in the triumph of democracy over a militant and destructive autocracy..." Fine WW II, feminist, and Texana item...[2356]..++..$295.00 


12322.jpg (17464 bytes)(CABINET - STATE) HULL, CORDELL. Won Nobel Peace Prize. FDR’s veteran Secretary of State. Huge bold black 4” ink signature clipped from letter. Not common. [12322] $65.00


(KENNEDY, ROBERT F.) (ASSASSINATION). Black bordered Acknowledgement of Sympathy card, 5.25” x 3.25”, imprinted as follows: “We are consoled to know that you share our sorrow/ and that the love he gave is returned in full measure/ Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after justice, for they shall be fulfilled. Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God. MatthewV:3. Ethel Kennedy”. Comes with RFK official prayer card as was used both at his funeral and also sent out by Mrs. Kennedy following his assassination. The prayer card is 5.25” x 3.25” with a black & white photo of RFK on recto and 11824.jpg (25375 bytes) prayer on verso: “Robert Francis Kennedy/ Nov. 20, 1925 - June 6, 1968/ Dear God, please take care of him who tried to take care of yours...” Also contains excerpts of RFK’s extemporaneous remarks on the death of Martin Luther King, in part: “....What we need in the 11824_2.jpg (43614 bytes) United States...is love and wisdom and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our own country, whether they be white or black...” Comes with original black bordered mailing envelope which has Ethel Kennedy’s printed franking signature. The cards are in pristine condition; the envelope shows normal wear. The trio... [11824]...+ ....$150.00

11824_2.jpg (43614 bytes)(KENNEDY, ROBERT F.) (ASSASSINATION) RFK Prayer card as described above......[11825]...+....$75.00


TEA POT DOME SCANDAL11939.jpg (25339 bytes)

(CABINET -PMG) NEW, HARRY S. Postmaster General under Harding and Coolidge. Involved in the Tea Pot Dome Scandal. Bold signature on official Postmaster General card, 4” x 2.5”...[11939]...$38.50


10867.jpg (57027 bytes)O`LEARY, HAZEL. First woman Secty. of Energy. Investigated for abuse of her travel perks. 4to B&W SP........[10867]............$25.00


12145_sig.jpg (66784 bytes)12145.jpg (170667 bytes)POWELL, COLIN L. General. Secretary of State. His autobiography My American Journey, 8vo, 643 pp., Random House, pubs., 1995, 1st ed., d.j. Boldly signed on title page. Colin Powell is the embodiment of the American dream. He was born in Harlem to immigrant parents from Jamaica. He knew the rough life of the streets and he overcame a barely average start at school. Then he joined the army -- and the rest is history. He writes of his climb to Four Star General, National Security Adviser, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Powell gives us candid behind the scenes portraits of Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton,  Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf and many others. Absorbing.. [12145].+++.$95.00   

10877.jpg (8787 bytes)REGAN, DONALD T.
Secty. of Treasury under Reagan. Pres. assistant. Bold signature on 3 x 5 card...........[10877]..........$18.50


3374.jpg (15749 bytes)(SECRETARIES OF STATE) SHULTZ, GEORGE P. Sec’y of Treas. (Nixon) and Sec’y of State (Reagan). Bold in-person signature on 3” x 5” card. [3374] $25.00


10869.jpg (62969 bytes)SULLIVAN, LOUIS W. First black man to serve as Secy. of the Dept. of Health and Human Services. He is also a medical doctor. 4to B&W half-bust SP as Secretary. ......[10869].....$28.50


10876.jpg (8631 bytes)VANCE, CYRUS. Secty. of State (Carter). Bold signature on 3 x 5 card......[10876]....$18.50


VINSON, FREDERICK MOORE (1890-1953). Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court (1946-1953); Secretary of the Treasury (1945-1946). TLS as Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the United States, 11819.jpg (62869 bytes) Chamber of/ The Chief Justice, 4to, Jan 10, 1947, to Frank B. Cawley, Wesleyan University, Middleton, Conn. In full: “This will acknowledge receipt of your letter dated Dec. 26, 1946, the contents of which I have read with interest. Very truly yours, (signed) Fred M. Vinson”, Chief Justice. Vinson served as Chief Justice only seven years making his material as Chief Justice rather scarce. This is a mint example and perfect for display. ...[11819]..+ $250.00


Wallace, Henry A. (1888-1965).  Secty. of Agriculture (1933-1940); 11886.jpg (120060 bytes) Vice President of U.S. (1941-45); Head Economics Defense Board (1941); Secretary of Commerce (1945-46).  Vintage 4" x 6" matte finish half-bust Signed Photo (circa 1940), boldly signed in full on lower white margin.  Two hairline creases which are almost invisible.  Photographer's stamp: Holman, N.Y.   Signed in blue-black fountain pen ink.  Wallace is quite scarce in signed photographs, particularly vintage examples.  Wallace normally signed "H.A. Wallace".  Full signatures are uncommon and desirable...[11886]..+...$395.00






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