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(WEBSTER, DANIEL) CLEVELAND, CHARLES (1772-1872). Known as "Father Cleveland". Kinsman of Grover Cleveland. Clergyman, Missionary, and Evangelist. Abandoned successful business career to devote himself to charitable works. Organized, 1816, Society for the Moral and Religious Instruction of the Poor, at his home. Raised funds for a mission house, 1821. In 1830 he became a missionary to the poor of Boston, being associated with the Revs. Ethan Smith and D.D. Rossiter. In 1835 he received a license to preach and in 1838 was ordained as an evangelist. From that time until his death he was involved in charitable undertakings in Boston, where he was known as "Father Cleveland." He was connected with benevolent institutions but his work was independent of them. A number of wealthy citizens, whom he called his patrons, annually placed fixed sums in his hands. He published an annual report detailing his benevolences. ALS, 4to, 3pp., "Boston, Decr. 5, 1850, Washington, D.C. Hon. Respected Friend-- I cannot leave my room this morning to enter upon my missionary labors without communicating to you the unfeigned satisfaction with which I read in my Advertiser of the morning, your answer to Messr. William Kerney and others, on their invitation of your presence at a Union meeting in Virginia./ With heart-felt gratitude to the Father of Mercies, I see plain indications of a return of fraternal confidence, and good-will, among true lovers of the Union, whether their location be at the North or the South, and, dear sir, permit me to congratulate you in relation to the noble stand you have taken on the field of reconciliation. May you, dear sir, and friend Winthrop and Kindred spirits live many days, witnessing the immutability of truths in their practical bearings, which it hath been your happy province to defend by arguments too, which a host of Manns, can, in no wise successfully assail. I will not deem myself a whit behind the chief of the liberty party in lamentations over the bondage of man to man, and, I trust it is my daily prayer that the Lord will give freedom to every poor slave and accelerate the period when every human being shall sit under his own vine and fig tree, having none to molest or make him afraid - yet, dear sir, the constitution and laws under it, must be supported; we must and by Gods help I will, render unto Caesar the things what are Caesar's, as well as unto God the things that are Gods. The proneness of many to agitate the subject of slavery, with a resolute design to overthrow the whole fabric of our happy constitution, rather than yield subjection to its demands, is a source of deep and perpetual grief to my heart./ Be assured dear sir, that no weapon formed against the constitution and laws, will be suffered to prosper. The Lord will protect us, and posterity will rise up and bless the precious memories of those who stood forth as champions for the truth and whose private interests weighed not a feather in their estimation compared with the sacred duty of adhering to the terms of the national compact. The Lord be with you -- give you continued health of body and soul - guide you in all your efforts for the advancement of the true interests of happiness of the nation; and when your arduous and responsible obligations shall have terminated below, may you be numbered among those who having been faithful unto death, shall receive a crown of life./ I remain, dear sir, very respectfully your friend and servant, Charles Cleveland. P.S. Dear Sir -- I shall regard myself 6767_3.jpg (50635 bytes)6767_2.jpg (63880 bytes)6767_1.jpg (56151 bytes) not at all slighted should I not receive an answer to a letter written from the fullness of the heart and with no desire that the weighty cares which demand your time should be put aside a moment - beyond the time taken to read the above, yr. C.C." The integral address leaf is addressed to "Honble. Daniel Webster/ Secy. of State/ Washington." Has red circular Boston postmark with a "free" stamp. Has original red wax seal intact. Small seal tear in blank portion from original opening, else fine. A marvelous historical content letter about the burning issues of the day: slavery and its hoped for solution- The Compromise of 1850. Nb. The Library of Congress solicited the donation of this fine letter form its former owner. ..[6767]. .$795.00   


5839.jpg (16759 bytes)HALE, EDWARD EVERETT. Clergyman and author. Close of ALS...................[5839].+....$38.50



(INCUNABULUM) This original 1497 Latin Bible Leaf from "Biblia Latina cum postillis Nicolai de Lyra et additionibus Pauli Burgensis" (Bible in Latin with commentaries by Nicolaus de Lyra and additional notes by Paul Burgensis) published in Nuremberg by Anton Koberger was published during the fifty-year period of incunabula that began with Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the printing press. The printing press was the first 10204.jpg (582567 bytes) device to use movable type and through the medium of incunabula, or cradle print, introduced the first printed books to the world, between 1450 and 1500 A.D. Prior to 1450 A.D., all reading materials were written by hand by trained scribes. The most famous among the first printed books is the Gutenberg Bible (Mainz, 1456) and the Nuremberg Chronicle. The Nuremberg Chronicle, printed in 1493 was the most ambitious incunabulum, covering the full period from Biblical times to the time of printing. The Nuremberg Chronicle and the 1497 Latin Bible from which this incunabula leaf was taken were both printed and published by Anton Koberger. The scripture that appears at the center of the Bible leaf is surrounded by text and commentary on the scripture. This leaf, 9" x 13", from the original 1497 Latin Bible by Anton Koberger, is in very fine, museum quality condition and is an extraordinary relic over 500 years old.....[10204].....$295.00



(MEDICINE) (NURSING) (RELIGION) KENNY, ELIZABETH, SISTER 10978.jpg (81347 bytes)(1886-1952). Catholic nun & Australian nurse who was a pioneer in polio treatment. She stimulated and "re-educated" the affected muscles and nerves. Bold, fine signature on a 5" x 5" piece of paper. Fine. ....................................................[10978]........$195.00


Original leaf from a King James Bible, printed at London by Christopher Barker, 1611-1613, folio, 10 1/2" x 15 1/2", with woodblock illustrated capital letters. First Edition, of the authorized translation of the Bible, commonly known as the "1611 King James Bible" (Reference: History of English Bibles, D&M No. 319). A brief account of the King James Bible and its creation, from Thomas' Great Books and Book Collectors, New York, 1975: "Forty-seven scholars from the Church and the universities were selected. Never since the Septuagint had so many been involved in translating the Bible. They were divided into six companies and the Bible was divided between them: two companies at Westminster, under Lancelot Andrews, Bishop of Winchester, of whom it was said that `he might have been interpreter-general at Babel'; and two at Oxford under John Harding, also Regius Professor of Hebrew. Each man of each company was to work on the same chapter, and then the whole company met to discuss the drafts. On completion each book was submitted to the other companies for criticism. Finally a committee of six met daily for nine months to complete the revision. Would it be possible to devise a process less likely to produce the greatest masterpiece of English prose? It was indeed fortunate that this majestic translation was achieved during one of the most creative periods in English literature, when the English language as we know it was growing out of medieval usage into prose that rolls like a great cathedral organ played by a master musician. Macaulay said: `If everything else in our language should perish, it (the 1611 King James Bible) alone would suffice to show the whole extent of its beauty and power. No book has had greater influence on the English language or on the English character. For the next three hundred years the majority of English men and women heard it read aloud Sunday after Sunday and, until within living memory, a very large proportion of people read the Bible with steady, life-long devotion in their own homes. And this great quality was carried to America, where its influence has hardly been less. In how many remote farms and homesteads was it the only book, in how many of the early American communities was it the chief object of study?" Beautifully matted in buff acid free mat with a persimmon color "v-groove" surrounding the leaf and plaque. The Bible leaf itself is surrounded by a 1/4" bright gold leaf wood filet liner, beneath which a small rectangular brass plaque is mounted which is engraved: "Original leaf/ from the famous/ 1611 King James Bible." Overall size: approx. 18" x 24". This is one of the most strikingly beautiful display pieces we have seen.................................................[3248]M...............$495.00


KROL, JOHN CARDINAL (1910-1996). Archbishop of Philadelphia (1961-88). Named Cardinal in 1967 by Pope John Paul VI. Bold signature on 10982.jpg (13238 bytes)card stock with secretarial signature of Richard Nixon. Krol's signature is genuine................................................................[10982].......$28.50



McPHERSON, AIMEE SEMPLE (1890-1944). Sensational Evangelist of the 30's and 40's. Founder of Angelus Temple & The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. Missionary in China (1908-09); itinerant preacher (1916-18); settled in Los Angeles (1918). Conducted Pentecostal revivals throughout America and preached on radio, gaining fame and thousands of followers by her flamboyant preaching style 9943.jpg (168053 bytes) and fundamentalist, Adventist theology. Often involved In controversy, as with her mysterious 5-week disappearance (1926) and many law suits. Wrote several books. Huge bold 5" signature on yellow album page: "Best Wishes/ Aimee Semple McPherson." Written in blue-black ink, making this a most attractive item. Dramatically matted in tan mats with two photos of her in her long flowing white robes. In one photo she is standing beside a huge cross with her hands upraised. Overall size: 10.5" x 14.5". ....[9943].... ........$395.00

McPHERSON, AIMEE SEMPLE. Sensational evangelist of the 30’s. Founder of Angelus Temple, Los Angeles and of the “Four Square” churches. Signature: 11762.jpg (22338 bytes) “Aimee McPherson Hutton” on a slip of paper mounted to a page from a “Waterman autograph album”. Scarce religion autograph. .........[11762].....$195.00


11805.jpg (46813 bytes) MARSHALL, CATHERINE. Author. Wife of the Rev. Peter Marshall, legendary chaplain of the U.S. Senate. Wrote “A Man Called Peter” and “Christy”, her best selling and best known book. TLS, letterhead of “Catherine Marshall”, 4to, June 1, 1971, in part: “...enclosed you will find...a little compilation of answers to questions most often asked by readers of CHRISTY. This should give you some interesting behind the scenes data on that particular book...” Signed “Catherine Le Sourd”. Excellent content and association value...................[11805]..+...$95.00



(MEDIEVAL ILLUMINATED BREVIARY PAGE). A manuscript leaf containing prayers, written in a Gothic ferebastarda minuscule, 23 lines per page, with initials illuminated in gold on blue and pink backgrounds decorated with fine white-line 3701.jpg (215393 bytes)designs. 5 1/4" x 3 1/2 inches. Netherlands or possibly northern France, 15th century. The text consists of prayers in veneration of the powers and attributes of Christ as "creator of the world," "heavenly doctor," "true liberty of the angels," etc. In each case the oration is preceded by a rubric calling for the Pater Noster and the Ave Maria. Handsomely matted in buff acid free mats. Ready to frame. Truly a treasure.........................................[3701]**....$995.00



4840.jpg (575964 bytes)(MEDIEVAL CHANT) VELLUM LEAF, 8.25" x 11", being a medieval chant from a Book of Hours, 14th - 15th century. Music lines are red, notes and Latin words are in black. Capitals (which are 2 lines tall) are illuminated in alternating blue and red. A convenient display size. Suitable for framing. Clean and fine. .[4840]..$395.00



11828.jpg (53956 bytes)PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT. Clergyman and author. Pastor of N.Y.’s Marble Collegiate Church and author of the best selling book The Power of Positive Thinking. TLS, 4to, March 7, 1973, thanks for a poem “in the form of an acrostic of my name.” Nice signature.. [11828].. +......$65.00



PENN, WILLIAM. (1644-1718). English religious reformer and colonialist. Son of Adm. Sir William Penn. Studied law; in charge of family estates in Ireland (1666). Joined Society of Friends; preached and wrote 42 books and pamphlets, esp. No Cross No Crown (1669); imprisoned for nonconformity (1667, 1669, 1670). Engaged in English political campaigns, championing religious tolerance, frequent elections, and uncontrolled parliaments (1675-80). As a trustee to manage West Jersey colony in America, had important part in framing its charter (1677) with its famous Concessions and Agreements. Inherited from his father a large financial claim against Charles II; petitioned the king for a grant of land in the New World as payment of the debt, received grant of Pennsylvania (1681); visited the colony in person (1682) and took to the colonists his Frame of Government. In Pennsylvania, amended Frame of Government to meet popular demands; made peace treaties with the Indians; superintended laying out of Philadelphia. In England (1684-99) through accession of James II (1685) and revolution of 1688; ordered foundation of a public grammar school in Philadelphia (1689) which still exists as the William Penn Charter School; presented (1697) to London Board of Trade a plan for union of American colonies. Again in Pennsylvania (1699-1701); renewed peace treaties with Indians; granted a liberal charter (1701) to the colony. Suffered a stroke (1712); his affairs managed by his wife, Hannah, until his death. He bequeathed his proprietary interests in Pennsylvania to his widow as executrix for their four sons, John, Thomas, Richard (1706-1771) and Dennis (d. before 1727). 

, 4to, 2pp., (recto & verso of same page), no place (but written in England where he had returned and remained until his death in 1718), dated "25.7.1707". Mysteriously written to "Noble Friend" in behalf of a young associate, Richard House. "...he is heartily of principles to serve the government and yt on an English & right Protestant bottom." In full: "Noble Friend 25.7.1707The Bearer is ye Gentleman, his name Richard House, a younger brother of a good family. Sober, Industrious, and qualifyed for the small station he prays for, a land waiters. He is heartily of principles, to serve ye Govermt, & yt on an English & right Protestant bottom. I beg a letter in his favour to Wm. Dudley, that if in his turne, a vacancy falls he would please to recommend the Bearer to ye Lord for it. I shall humbly and  10705_1.jpg (109439 bytes)earnestly waite for the happy time promest me, &, with submission, the Sooner the more obligeing to Thy very respectful faithful Friend Wm Penn"The letter is clean and fine with normal age toning. Penn material is scarce in all forms and is usually found in the form of folio signed documents, especially land grants. Penn letters, particularly with good content, are rare. This is a museum quality piece. A gem. Provenance: From the estate of the late U.S. Senator and Pennsylvania Governor Edward Martin.......(Net to all)....[10705]....$12,500.00 


PIUS X (GIUSEPPE MELCHIORRE SARTO) (1835-1914). Saint. Pope (1903-1914). Bishop of Mantua (1884); Cardinal (1893). As Pope, greatly interested in social questions, esp. improving the condition of the poor; abolished traditional right of veto of Papal elections (1903); inaugurated reforms in Church music; began revision (1904) of ecclesiastical laws (Codex Juris Canonici); issued encyclical (Pascendi) against Modernism (1907); antagonistic to Christian democracy. Canonized (1954). Magnificent regal signed portrait, 10" x 14" (image size: 6.75" x 9"), showing him full length in his white robes and skull cap, wearing a jewel encrusted gold pectoral cross, standing in front of the Papal throne on a raised platform, with his left hand resting on a table on which a large standing crucifix is visible. On the lower white border the Pope has signed and also imparted his apostolic blessing, in Latin, which translates: "May God Bestow All His Blessings On You, on the 19th of April, 1914. Pius P.P. X." Photographers markings on lower right corner: "G. Felici, Roma, via Babuino, 74-75-76". Minor creasing to upper left corner & normal age toning. Overall in excellent condition. A museum and investment quality piece (Net to all).......................................[9414].........$5000.009414.jpg (424581 bytes)

Nb. Pope St. Pius X died on August 20, 1914, shortly after he signed this photograph. It was thought that he died from grief over the outbreak of the first World War which he had spent so much time trying to prevent the last months of his life. Because Pius X is a Saint, this photograph is a second class relic. Comes with a copy of a letter from an eminent Priest who translated the inscription and stated the foregoing. The "P.P." after "Pius" are part of the official signature of every Pope. They stand for "PAPA PONTIFEX", which means "Pope and Pontiff".




PIUS X (1835-1914) (Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto) Pope (1903-14). As Pope, greatly interested in social questions, especially improving the condition of the poor; abolished traditional right of veto at papal elections (1903); inaugurated reforms in church music; began revision (1904) of ecclesiastical laws (Codex Juris Canonici); issued encyclical (Pascendi) against modernism (1907); canonized (1954). Papal Apostolic Blessing, 7.5" x 13", with a 4.25" round half bust photograph of the Pope wearing white robes and skullcap with a large jeweled pectoral cross on a heavy gold chain. Beneath his photo, he has written entirely in his own hand the following in Latin which translated reads: "To (our) beloved daughter Mary Agnes Dillon, as she commemorates the fiftieth year since her religious profession in the religious order of The Visitation of Holy Mary, and to all sisters we lovingly impart the apostolic 10885.jpg (29734 bytes)benediction, praying for all that favors many years (yet to come) as well./ The 29th day of May, 1910. Pius P.P.X". Because Pius X is a saint, this item is also a second class relic pursuant to the canonical laws of the Roman Catholic Church. Pius X is rare in all forms, particularly signed photos and autograph letters signed of Papal date. This piece has the great good fortune to technically constitute both -- as well as being a recognized relic of the church. (See cover of catalog for illustration)...........................[10885]..................$4750.00


(RELIGION). A PAGE FROM THE HISTORIC SAUR BIBLE printed in 1743 in Germantown, Pennsylvania, 7" x 10", normally age toned. The first 5131.jpg (238861 bytes)American printed Bible in a European language. Luther's version was used with additions from the mystic Berlenburg Bible and an appendix to the New Testament. The printer, Christoph Saur, a pious emigre from Germany, encountered great difficulties and opposition as a result of limited finances, lack of type, and the religious controversies of the time. Many clergymen preached against Saur. Only 1200 of the Saur 1743 Bibles were printed and most did not survive the ravages of the Revolutionary War Period...................................[5131].........$195.00






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